Affiliate Marketing Blogs For Success

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, but it can only be so when done right. For you to pull off a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you must have the right tools.

By tools, I do not mean the context of affiliate marketing tools such as scripts, ebooks, and software.


By tools for affiliate marketing, I mean the following:

1. A website

2. A good keyword research tool

3. SEO plus Link Building Tool

4. Email capture tool

5. Affiliate Marketing Blogs

6. Tracking tools

7. The proper Manual

If you are doing affiliate marketing and haven’t tried all these tools, then it might be the reason why your checks are not that impressive. Here is why these tools are essential to your affiliate marketing success.


A Website

A website is like a business that is on the most valuable real estate piece on the planet, which, in this case, is the internet, and there are millions and millions of hungry buyers. If you do affiliate marketing right, it can truly make you a lot of money. If you want success, a website one of the crucial things you need to have.

A Proper keyword research Tool

This can make or break you, and that is why it is one of the most important tools. You might be asking, why do I need a keyword research tool in affiliate marketing? Well, you will need to know what people are typing in on the search engines and you ideally need to optimize your webpages for the targeted keywords so that people will find your pages when they type the keywords on search engines.

You will simply fail if you do not have the proper keyword research tool.


There are three options for a keyword research tool:

1. The free version, which does not provide much detail

2. The paid version, which absolutely top of the line

3. The almost free version. I would recommend this one as it is designed to uncover profitable markets.

SEO and Link Building Software

This is yet another essential tool. If you are not familiar with SEO, then it is high time you learned it, as you are going to do it basically all the time. Affiliate marketing is not just about building a website and adding products on it. It also involves getting you r site rank high in the search results for your niche keywords by combining search engine optimization and link building. This will drive traffic to your site, and you will have sales for your affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

You will need an affiliate blog or blogs to complement your website

The website is where you will promote your affiliate products while your blog will be the place where you post informative articles which cover topics on your business. Your blog will be used to attract traffic and then send them to the sales page on the website.


However, a unique way to use you affiliate marketing blogs is for updates. Let us take an acne product as an example:

So, you merchant has given you some new content such as new testimonial pics. You can add these pictures to your blogs or send an email to your list persuading them to see the new testimonials.

The visitors in your list who have not yet bought the product will be more confident in making the purchase through the affiliate links in your blogs or even going to your sales page of the product through a link on one of the blogs. Blogs can be set up free using Blogger or WordPress.


Email Capture Tool

Top marketers say that an email list is the most important success factor in any online marketing campaign. Well, this should be easy to comprehend as a big email list, and one email gives you huge profits. With an email list, you affiliate marketing efforts will be cut in half as you can make easy affiliate money by sending you list the offers you have. In this regard, you will need to grab the attention of any visitor as quick as you can.

As soon as they get to the proper page, you have to get them ion you email list. All you need is an unblockable email pop up window, but it should not be an annoying one. You need a visually appealing pop up window a free attractive offer that the visitor will want, and the only way top get it is by subscribing or registering.

Well, this is pretty easy to implement as all you need is the right software and service. There are a lot of software on the internet that can help you achieve this.


Tracking Tool

Once you have built the website and the blog as well, you will need to know where your visitors are coming from. Keep in mind that this is very important. Testing is a good thing, and you will gradually increase your income if you do a testing on a daily or regular basis. There is a tracking service known as Google Analytics. It is free and it will help you check information such as:

How long the person stayed on the page

Where the visitor came from

Which page the visitor stayed longest on

Which country the visitor is from

And on which page on the site they left

The Proper Training Manual


You need to learn affiliate marketing the right way and there is so much worthless, and outdated information on the internet right know.

In this regard, you will need someone to guide you through the ropes, a mentor or someone who had done it before and succeeded with the campaign. If you are a newbie, then you are likely to find it rough, and you can even find yourself giving up.


You need to know WHY to do it!


So, you need the right information the first time you begin and then build on that info.
So there you have it, the main essential affiliate marketing tools you must have if you want success. By now I am sure you get the importance of affiliate marketing blogs, websites, email lists, tracker tools and the rest.